Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The last few weeks have been so hectic that I neglected to share so many wonderful memories with my adoring fans. My husband and I attended Game 1 (Saturday, May 24th) of the Stanley Cup Final at the Joe. Even though I complained about the accomodation of the arena, attending SC Final Game at the Joe in Hockey Town was like being in Hockey Heaven. It was so exciting, from the time we waited in line to pick up tickets at the Will Call windows, holding the tickets in our hands, walking around while screaming from the top of our lungs, "Let's Go Wings" or "We Want the Cup", it was just wonderful! I also saw the Great Scotty Bowman as he pulled into the parking lot. I stood frozen, in awe facing the legendary NHL coach and started yelling, "Hi Coach" when he already drove away!
After many phone calls and emails, I was able to obtain SC tickets by going thru a channel of someone I know working at the St. Louis Blues who knows someone working at the Red Wings. The tickets were not in lower bowl level (we were willing to pay more than double the cost of the tickets thru a ticket outlet for better seats). As someone told me, at least I got into the building (the arena) and being part of the historic Stanley Cup Final. Photo below showed the years when the Red Wings won its 10 Stanley Cup Championships.

It was a great Game 1 as the Wings won 4-0. That would show the younger Penguins a lesson that experience counts and they must show respect to the skilled veteran players. Photo above was taken after the game as the Red Wings players extended the traditional congratulations to Ozzie. Photos below were taken during practice before the game showing the Penguins, especially Sidney Crosby (#87). It must be interesting to be 21 years old and the whole world is watching your every moves and also scary for Crosby to be expected to carry the future of NHL on his shoulders.

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