Saturday, June 28, 2008


The little rabbit looks so cute somewhat hidden in the grass. I watched it from inside the patio door and then wonder maybe I am being watched. I know there are a lot of people believe in aliens from outer space and some even claimed that they encountered these "creatures" and were taken away in the spaceships. I have not made any attempt to educate myself on this subject or try to prove that there is no such thing as UFO. I do wonder from time to time when I look out the back yard, watching the little rabbit, whether the rabbit is aware of its existence in relation to the big wide world. Based on most of science fiction movies or books, creatures from outer space are extremely intelligent and much more advanced in technology compared to the level we have on earth, then why would these creatures bother coming to earth. What could they possibly want with people like us? I don't think we have anything special to offer except vulnerable bodies, constant fighting and killing each other and a society consists of production of useless items. If I was an alien, earth and the people living in it would not be of interest to me.

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