Thursday, June 12, 2008


A few weeks ago, Luc Bourdon, a defenseman with the Vancouver Canucks, was killed in a motorcycle crash. He was only 21 years old. These photos were taken when I attended the game last Thanksgiving. The photo above caught a glimpse of Bourdon (#28) as he was skating away during practice. At the time I focused more on the Sedin twin brothers, Henrik #33 and Daniel #22. Of course, everyone paid more attention to the team captain, Markus Naslund #19. After we heard the sad news, I blurted out that his passing such untimely as it was during the Stanley Cup Final. My husband teased me and said that he promised to make sure to arrange so that his death would not be interfering with NHL playoffs schedule or during the Superbowl.

When my Dad passed away in 2001, he was only 67 years old. After extended their condolences, many people commented that Dad died at such young age. I guess because we are expected to live to be at least 80 or older. One time when my Mom and I talked bitterly why Dad being such a good person had suffered from cancer and did not get to enjoy a good life after all the years working and taking care of our family and that death should take his young brother who was a terrible husband, a womanizer, drinking, gambling, mistreated his children and family. Then Mom mentioned a Vietnamese expression, "Troi Keu Ai Nay Da" No one could avoid death if their names are called. She further commented, "Look at Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy, Jr., they were so good looking and they died so young." We shared a good laugh when I said, "Do you think only ugly people would die?"

Rest In Peace, Luc. I am sure there is hockey in heaven.

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