Tuesday, June 10, 2008


An outdoor fountain at Anheuser-Busch complex. We went on a tour recently when some relatives came for a visit. Today A-B is in the headline of local newspaper and international news as a Belgium company has made an offer to purchase A-B, an icon and national pride of American beers, for 40 billions. In my humble opinion, I hope it is an offer that A-B will refuse.
As the temperature has started to pass 90 degrees here and extreme summer heat began to make life unbearable, I thought posting these photos would help my readers keeping cool. The photo below was taken on July 4, 2002 on the Alaska Cruise. That was the day when we were at Glaciers Bay. I was freezing even with the heavy coat, fur hat, gloves and all covered up. I later learned that the temperature in St. Louis that day was over 100!

My husband often laughs at me when I would not come outside because of the heat. His comment was, "How did you live in Viet Nam, a tropical country, and unable to endure the temperature?" I responded, "We did not have air condition in Viet Nam. Now I am used to the good life." I wonder how my body would adjust to the weather in Viet Nam when we hope to visit my birth country for the first time since we left more than 30 years ago.

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