Friday, November 20, 2009


Continue with the food theme, this post features Mother In Law House Restaurant in St. Charles, Missouri. We live about 30 minutes driving time from St. Charles and we enjoy walking along the Riverfront Area, visiting the shops and a few restaurants on Historic Main Street. We passed by the Mother In Law House many times and the name sounds interesting but for some reasons we never ate there. Whether because the pricing was way off our limited budget or we were not hungry at that particularly time. Next time I will make sure we plan for a meal there and give a full report so my adoring fans could decide whether to visit Mother In Law House Restaurant on your next trip to St. Charles.
Here is what Wikipedia has on the famous visit to St. Charles by Lewis and Clark "William Clark arrived in St. Charles on May 16, 1804. With him were 40 men and three boats; there they made final preparations, as they waited for Meriwether Lewis to arrive from St. Louis. They attended dances, dinners, and a church service during this time, and the excited town was very hospitable to the explorers. Lewis arrived via St. Charles Rock Road on May 20, and the expedition launched the next day in a keelboat at 3:30 pm. St. Charles was the last established American town they would visit for more than two and a half years."

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