Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Monday, June 28th, at 10:15 a.m. we continued our westward trip thru Williams, Arizona. The town was named for Bill Williams, a well-known fur trapper, one of the first white settlers in the area.
Williams known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon, due to the Grand Canyon Railway which offers train rides in restored 1880s coaches, pulled by a vintage steam engine, for daily visits to the Grand Canyon National Park. Until 1927, more than half of the visitors to the canyon boarded the railway from Williams to the south rim.
Williams also is known as the last town to be bypassed by the interstates. Once the construction of the I-40 is completed, on October 13, 1984, people were able to drive from Chicago to California, non-stop on interstates, without encountering a single traffic light.
Mr. Bill Williams standing tall, looking as if he was pleased with his latest trade!
Twisters, is a Route 66 souvenirs shop, serving chocolate sundae, and features retro-50 soda fountains.
Rod’s Steak House, has been serving steaks since 1945.

Above is the Red Garter Bed and Bakery, an 1897 bordello structure. Look closely and you will see the “lady” leaning out a window, waiting for any “gentleman” might be looking for entertainment for the evening.
Part of the fun when travelling Route 66 is to find vintage items such as this neon Cocktails and Package Goods sign.

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