Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sunday, June 27th – Another 6:00 a.m. rise and shine! After checking out of the hotel, we took a slow drive around downtown Holbrook taking photos of the many Route 66 era businesses, some that are still striving while others were just remnants of that forgotten bustling city.
We found a Catholic church but the earliest Mass was scheduled at 9:00 a.m. and we thought it would be best to attend Mass at the next town. (Back in the 1800s, Holbrook was once known as the town that was too tough for churches because it was the only county seat in the nation without a church! Not that this information had any impact on our decision not to attend Mass in this town with the infamous Bucket of Blood Saloon.)

We stopped briefly in Joseph City to take photos of the Jackrabbit Trading Post and one of the most famous sign of Route 66, the wooden sign “Here It Is” (below photo)
I was about to sit on this giant jackrabbit (below photo) but it ran away screaming, “Not you, chubby woman!”.
This monument (above photo) greeted us as we arrived in Winslow. The 9-11 Remembrance Garden is located at the east end of town. The two steel beams are from the World Trade Center terrorist attack and the U.S. flag was flown at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
Above photo - At Kinsley and 2nd is the “Standing on the Corner” sculpture (Ron Adamson was the artist) and a mural of “a girl in a flat bed Ford” painted on the side of building, just like the lyrics from The Eagles song Take It Easy (1972). An authentic red flatbed Ford truck parked nearby.
This southwestern hotel La Posada Hotel (built in 1928), restored in the 1990s, was a former Harvey House designed by famed architect Mary Jane Colter. It was so charming that I just wish we could have spent a night there. It definitely would be on our “must experience” list for the next Route 66 road trip.
Leaving Winslow at 10:20 a.m., we continued to travel west on I-40, took exit 239 – Meteor City, to see the mural above, the World’s Longest Map of U.S. Route 66 painted on the side of a geodesic dome building. What is the name of the building? Meteor City Trading Post, what else?
Not sure if this giant dream catcher (below) helped or we were so tired from the constant stop and go at all the attractions but I did have a very good sleep that night.

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