Friday, July 30, 2010


The Power House Visitors’ Center is headquarters for Arizona’s Route 66 Association and has a nice museum and gift shop. For this road trip, we have planned to give Arizona not only our moral support but also financial support by spending extra nights in the State, shopping at local stores and making purchases at visitors' gift shops.
Monday, June 28th, at 12:47 p.m., we finally reached two of Route 66 most famous towns, Seligman and Kingman. Once you see this tower, there would be no mistake that you are in Kingman, Arizona.
Above is the Hotel Beale sign, opened in 1899, still standing after more than 100 years.
Below is the Hill Top Motel (1954) still has its 1950s charm and the best view of the Hualapai Mountains.

Below is Route 66 Motel still has the great flashing arrow neon sign. It was known as the Pony Soldier Motel of Kingman.
Seligman was previously known as Prescott Junction, where the Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad met the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad (now the BNSF). The town was renamed Seligman after a prominent New York banker, Jesse Seligman, came to town, financed the railroad construction and decided that Prescott Junction should be re-named since Mr. Seligman brought such prosperity to the town.
Roadkill 66 Café where roadkill is always fresh! Step inside and you would be transported back to an old west saloon with pictures, antiques and a large display of hunting trophies! The menu includes items such as Tire Tread Buff (Buffalo Burger),The chicken that Almost crossed the road (Fried Chicken), Road Side Remnants (Popcorn Shrimp) and Long Gone Fawn (6 oz. Steak).
Historic Route 66 Motel, above, formerly named the Navajo Motel, went thru a complete renovation in recent years.

Below is Westside Lilo’s Café features American and German cuisine. Who would have thought finding German cuisine in Seligman, Arizona?
Thanks to local barber Angel Delgadillo and other founders of the Arizona Historic Route 66 Association, who recognized that the heritage of Route 66 was vital to America’s history. Their hard work in keeping the Mother Road alive and “kicking”, so that Americans and people from around the world were able to experience the real charm of Main Streets of America.
Copper Cart is one of the vintage restaurants along the stretch of Route 66 running through downtown Seligman.

This building was an old gas station that was closed in 1985 and was turned into a museum and a gift shop, named "Return to the 50's Museum and Gift Shop", how appropriate!

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