Saturday, November 24, 2012


After almost two days in the house, I was ready to get out into the cold weather.  Since the shopping madness of Black Thursday/Friday sort-of ended, I thought it would be safe to run a few errands.  Traffic flows smoothly along the main streets and there is plenty of space in the parking lots.  I usually park in a safe spot, visible and under the light, far away from the front door.  I walked around the stores, not really looking for anything in particular.  I went to the library and was happy checking out a few books for pleasant reading.  Since started the certificate program, reading textbook and doing research for the weekly assignment took up most of my "free" time.  The class meets once a week on campus but class discussion/exercise requires additional research not only from reading required textbook (2-3 chapters each week).  It is an 8-week fast-tracked program.  Participation in group discussion and individual presentation is 20% of the grade, so forget about sitting in the back of the classroom or the excuse of being shy.  "TOTA, this is not high school or college undergraduate", you probably are saying.  My response to that is, "I prefer to have straight A even it is only a certificate program".           
It was sunny but chilly (in the high 40s).  After breakfast, CP was in the backyard working on repainting and a few touch-up on Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar.  It did not take him long to complete the tasks and we proudly display the Nativity in front of our house, a family tradition since 2007.  A few people from the neighborhood have complimented about our display and we noticed that cars driving by slowly to see our Nativity as part of the Christmas lightings tour.   
After the library and the grocery store (to get milk and a fresh load of bread), I went to a craft store to get a bag of scented pine cones.  Most of the people in the store was women, one or two men, but mostly there to either follow the wives around, carry the shopping basket or to keep an eye on the kids while the ladies systematically select the necessary items.  I am pleased to report that there was no fighting in the store over who put their hand on the important items first or shooting in the parking lots over a parking space.  The rest of the day I was in my cozy pajamas, eating, taking a nap and watching top-ranked and undefeated Notre Dame beat USC 22-13.  The Irish earned a spot in the 2013 Bowl Championship Series national-title game.  It was a good game and ND sure plays like a champion!   

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