Saturday, November 24, 2012


(Above - Colo Motel/Niland's Cafe on Lincoln Highway, Iowa)  I saw the news about NYC ending gas rationing, nearly a month after hurricane Sandy visited.  The rationing system was implemented using the odd-even license plate numbers to cope with fuel shortages after the storm.  According to a reliable source from Bath Beach, as of last week, there was no long lines at gas stations and things were sort-of back to normal.  (Below - Mobilgas sign on Lincoln Highway in Nebraska.)
(Above and below - Newsberry Springs on Route 66 in California)  Ever since gasoline went above $3 a gallon, I usually fill up when my car has less than half a tank.  I read that Tuesday thru Thursday are good days to purchase gas as the prices would go up before the weekend when consumers do the most driving whether shopping or just going places.  Psychologically, I trick myself into believing that I did not pay too much for gas when looking at the total for half a tank of gas compared to "an arm and a leg" if I waited and pay for a full tank.  Furthermore, having a full tank of gas gives me a peace of mind should a major breakdown of supply from countries that produced oil or some disasters that prevented oil from being transported.
Watching the news about the long lines of people with gasoline containers waiting at the gas stations after the hurricane, I thought of how easy to have the simple things we take for granted all taken away in a blink of an eye!  I will remember not to complain about eating the left over turkey for the next two weeks, or the cold weather or even the gray hair and the wrinkle and definitely I will not complain about the NHL cancelled the 2013 All Stars Game!  At least football is still on ;-)  

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