Friday, November 30, 2012


I am not as smart and talented, (let's not forget tall, dark and handsome) as the Qaptain, so I will not try to write a Haiku poem about the above personalized plate.  I will stick to idioms, popular sayings, everyday expressions which I am most interested inFor those who are not car guy/gal, "Pony" is the nickname for Ford Mustang.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth = Don't find faults or be picky when getting something for free.  But I thought there is no such thing as free lunch.   
We were driving along, saw this beautiful horse and had to pull over to look at it.  The horse was so friendly that it came right up to the fence, perhaps it is so used to people stopping to admire its beauty.  It looked like it was following us when we started to drive away (below photo).

Don't put the cart before the horse = don't do things in the wrong order.  Politicians are doing a lot of this kind of foolishness and it does not look like they are going to make things better anytime soon.   
Don't change horses in midstream.  But if the horse keeps going backward, then I say it is time to let it go!
If you beat a dead horse, is it illegal?
Everyone time when I hear someone uses the expression "straight from the horse's mouth", I wonder if he is referring to Mr. Ed or another talking horse. 
How do you get off a "charley horse"?  Does anyone get "a chuck horse"?
Does the saying "Hold your horses" apply to you if you are holding the burros?
In Viet Nam, a woman who is promiscuous would be called "a horse" (dan ba ngua), an equivalent of being called "a slut"Why horse?  Perhaps because a wild woman is like an untamed horse.  I wonder if the horse was offended being used to compared to "a slut"!  

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