Saturday, April 27, 2013


The above is one of the best images I captured during our visit to Yellowstone National Park - man and nature (except for the fish not too happy being caught).
Last week the City Police Department sponsored a Shred Day.  For $5 cash or a bag of can food, you could drop off up to 10 banker boxes at the shredding location where you could watch the documents being "securely" shredded.  Well, I emphasize the word "securely" to be funny because if you could not trust your own police department, who could you trust, right?  My husband helped me load up 7 boxes, mostly translation documents and credit card statements from the last 10 years, into the trunk of my car.  I made cash donation and also a bag of can food.  Sgt. JH, the Community Officer, told me this week that it was a successful event with almost $1,500 cash and 300 lbs of can food collected and donated to the local food pantry.    
After the Shred Day, I stopped by the Books and Baked Sale at the Community Center.  I did not buy any books but could not resist getting a small bag of cookies and a few brownies from Sgt. JH's mother.  She was helping out at the SaleLooking at the last name on her nametag, I asked if she knew the Sgt. and she told me she was his mother.  Seeing her "How the heck do you know my son?" look, I explained that I knew him from the Police Academy community training.
It is that time of the year - the dreadful "allergy season" has started, filling the air with pollen, covering up our cars with the green stuff and people walking around sneezing and running noseThe last few years I have suffered from itchy and dry eyes no matter how often I sought relief from various kinds of eye drops.  I did not have any problems when we first moved to St. Louis in 1995.  I guess after so many years of fighting, my immune system has been weaken by the overwhelming pollen army.  
We were planning to go to Hermann, Missouri today for the Shelby FestivalHe Who Got to Drive a Clean Car decided not to go because "it would be embarrassing to drive around in a dirty Pony".  Ralphie could not wash the Pony because it was raining.  So we will be staying in all day which is fine with me.  I will be posting while Himself is out in the garage spending quality time with his T-bird and all the tools that are rarely used!

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