Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 How do you measure happiness?  Just like in the commercial asking how happy the customer is when saving money after switching insurance company - as happy as TOTA during NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Regular readers notice that I have not mentioned as much about my beloved Detroit Red Wings after the lockout ended.  I was occupied with school plus disappointed with the Wings not playing at expected level at the beginning of the "season" and the last few weeks, I could not sleep or eat (just kidding) worrying because there was a possibility that the Wings might not get into the Playoffs. 
After dropping to 10th place, then struggling just to stay alive in the last playoffs spot, I am pleased to report that the Wings climbed up to 7th place (still embarrassing compared to previous years when they would be the first team to clinch playoffs spot).  Playoffs (Round 1) start tonight with the Wings against Anaheim Ducks so I might not be able to stay up late (puck drops at 7:30 p.m. in California but that will be 10:30 p.m. St. Louis time).  Other interesting match-ups - Toronto v. Boston; Montreal v. Ottawa; Rangers v. Capitals; and St. Louis v. LA Kings.  I finally got my wish - all Original Six teams are in the Playoffs, (Blackhawks v.Wild) including Maple Leafs after so many years of missing the fun!
Today is April 30th - 38 years after the Fall of Sai Gon in 1975.  The day when the Viet Nam war was supposedly ended but a different kind of war began for the Vietnamese people, my family included, living under Communist controlled government.  We escaped by boat in 1979, survived the journey and the refugee camp and began a new life in American (New York City) on January 10, 1980.  I am reminded of how blessed we are to be living in America and grateful for the freedom and liberty we have enjoyed.  God Bless America and those who have served this great nation.

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