Thursday, October 10, 2013


We were at Cardinals v. Pirates NLDS game last night – Cardinals won 6-1, advancing to NLCS Series against the Dodgers (LA, not Brooklyn)!

A customer gave my husband the tickets, but parking at the stadium cost $25, then $50 for food, beer, water and a bag of peanuts.
Regular readers know that I don’t get excited about baseball.  I am a hockey/football fanatic.  But I would not put up with traffic going downtown for a hockey game during work days (after a long day at work) unless when my beloved Detroit Red Wings come into town.  I am also picky and get Rams tickets only to see the Patriots, the Saints or the Packers.

It was a comfortable evening.  I brought a sweater but did not need it.  Traffic on the highway was terrible.  I was hungry because I only had a banana and a handful of carrots for lunch.  The 1st inning was already started when we finally got inside the stadium.  We each got chicken basket with fries ($13.75 x 2), beer in a souvenir cup ($12.50), a bottle of water ($5.50) and a bag of peanuts ($4.50).
Our seats were taken by two young men who looked like they already had too many drinks.  They moved to another seats when we showed them our tickets. 

A woman in the row in front of us kept standing up, so my husband said, “Ma’am, please sit down so I could watch the game too.”  Then it started, her Best Friend “BF” sitting next to her turned to my husband “Ralphie” and said, “Have some respect, she is a breast cancer survivor and Yadi (Molina) is her favorite player.”
Ralphie, “I am glad she survived and I don’t mean any disrespect, but I want to watch the game too.”

BF, “She almost did not make it and she survived, so she could do whatever she wants.”

The "Yadi" woman sat down but her BF kept talking, “We thought she would not be here today.  This is a celebration for her being a cancer survivor.  So she could stand as long as she wants.”
(So a person who is a cancer survivor does not have to conduct herself with good manners or being civilized!!!!)
Then someone in the next row yelled out, “Shut up already, we are trying to watch a baseball game here.”

I thought the situation was going to escalate into a shouting match but BF stopped talking and her friend did not stand up again during the game.

As the game went on, the people around us got louder and rowdier.  There is a fine line between being sport enthusiasts and uncivilized.  Yelling at a player for missing the catch is fine but I am not comfortable being around drunken people, all the cursing, especially women using the “F&%$” or “A$$h@#%” words.

I am glad that Cardinals advance onto the next Series.  It is good for the City and for businesses that depend on the team winning.  However, unless the free tickets are for the World Series, I would say, “Thanks but no thanks, don’t take me out to the ballgame”!

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