Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Time flies whether you have fun or not!  Well, I did sort-of have fun and time has flown by since my last post on August 27th.  I noticed that I did not finish posting about our recent road trip, particularly the portion from San Francisco back to St. Louis.
Not much had happened in my boring life – school, internship, my sister’s visit from Atlanta during Labor Day weekend, networking events, community activities and of course, watching football and hockey.

These photos were taken in May (2013) when our 2nd daughter “May” visited and gave birth to our 2nd grandchild/1st grandson “Nile”.  My husband told me that May or Nile might have come back last week nibbling on the mums we just bought.  Typical kids, they only come home when they are hungry or need money.  They never call, write and if we want to know what is going on, we have to request them to “friend” us or be a “follower”.  I was “unfriend” by you-know-who because I did not respond after being "poked" or perhaps I violated an important FB rule.  Family members no longer speak to each other, texting has replaced the real interpersonal communication.  At a family gathering, I asked a niece, “What is new and exciting in your life?”, I was told to read her FB or follow her on Tweeter.  She was too busy posting and tweeting to have a real conversation!

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