Monday, December 30, 2013


To continue the Happy Last (day) of 2013/Bridge theme, I am posting these images of the Golden Bridge when we passed under it while on the boat cruise in SF this past July (2013).

This morning in STL, it was only 15 degree (Fahrenheit) or -5 Celsius (is that right QQ?Last weekend, the weather was nice, in the upper 50s on Saturday but turned real cold on Sunday. 

There is no Monday night football game today but plenty of topics to discuss.  There are six head coaches got fired in less than 24-hour since the games ended last night.  Maybe I could apply for one of the spots.  How hard could it be to be a football head coach?  I know what to do = running along the side of the field (just don't pull a Mike Tomlin interference), yelling at the players and the referees, talking into the headphone while pretending to look at the depth chart!  I know when to throw the red flag to challenge whether the player on the opposing team was out-of-bound and that he did not have complete possession for a touchdown.

Did I mention that this year someone stole our baby Jesus, less than 24-hour after we set up our Nativity?  We inherited the Nativity from my husband’s parents and have been displaying the Nativity since 2007.  We usually set it up right after Thanksgiving.  We never had any problem until this year.  We thought perhaps whoever committed the act would return our baby to us on Christmas Eve, but our hope was crushed.  We bought another baby and so far it is still in the manger.  My husband said next year he would try to come up with a way to better secure the display.  I suggest installing a GPS inside the new baby Jesus.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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