Sunday, April 13, 2014


We won … my Beloved Detroit Red Wings won 3-0 against the St. Louis Blues.  The Wings came into town today and played an early game at 1130.  It was the St. Louis Blues’ last home game and Fans Appreciation Day.  In the past, there would be drawings for round-trip airfares, next season tickets, party suites and many more prizes.  We were so disappointed.  At today’s game, all we got was a tiny inexpensive towel and a $10 coupon for purchase over $50 at a shoe store.  We bought raffle tickets but did not win.  The pot was over $22K and some lucky fan went home with half of that.

The Playoffs Match-Up was already set, so the game was not important.  But it was always nice when the team you are cheering for win.  The important thing was that we had a great time.
Da Wings will play the Boston Bruins in Round 1 – a perfect Original Six match-up.  The Blues will meet Chicago Blackhawks and that should be interesting too.
Let’s hope it won’t be “ta ta” (farewell) and more of Tatar :>)

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