Saturday, April 26, 2014


We went to a Shelby Fest today in Hermann, Missouri.  It was cloudy but comfortable.  Luckily it started to rain around 1430 when the show was almost over.  Not sure why this 1968 Grand Torino was in the Show but I thought it was good that it was there so I could take pictures for Qaptain Qwerty since he likes that movie, Grand Torino.
After walking around, we were hungry and decided to go to a BBQ place for late lunch/early dinner.  Ralphie got a beef brisket sandwich and I had a pork sandwich.  We share half of our sandwiches, and I liked the beef brisket better than the pork.  Ralphie liked both the beef and the pork.
There were over 100 cars on display and these were the two I liked the most.  This was the 6th year since the Show started.  The proud owners of these "toys" came from as far as California, Minnesota, Texas to nearby Iowa and Illinois.  This year I decided not taking any photos of a group of men standing around looking (and drooling) over the engine and talking about the car as if it was the most beautiful thing they ever saw!
Have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you are doing!

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Linus Ly said...

Thanks for the photo but I could also use a photo of the beef brisket. Mmmm mmmm good! Your favorite nephew likes the DeLorean, from the Back To The Future movie series, so in case you see one please snap a photo.


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