Thursday, March 18, 2010


The above is my cheesy photo of a chocolate cookie entitled "Green Eyes Monster Cookie". I learned from other bloggers that when I don't have any interesting to write (actually I am not sure if anything I wrote was ever interesting ** heh heh **), I should post photos, just to keep my blog fresh which in turn drawing visitors to build up hit counter! I also read that some bloggers register comments such as, "Nice photos. I like what you wrote. You are so funny." or simply, "Hello from St. Louis." just to draw visitors from popular blogs to their blog. These bloggers were not sincere with their comments. Personally, I love getting comments but I would not sell my soul (i.e. remove the moderation feature) just to get comments. I appreciate those who cared enough to "jump thru the hoops" posting your comments. As far as "Followers", I wish I have more followers but I am happy just to have one Important Follower (i.e. Qaptain Qwerty), that is good enough for me! I noticed that one blogger has almost 800 followers (** wow **) and when he mentioned about his birthday celebration, he received about 65 comments (** wow **) wishing him Happy Birthday! I wonder what happened to the other 735 followers why they did not send him birthday wishes. Finally, since I have nothing important to write, "Orange" you glad I post these cheesy photos?

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