Thursday, March 25, 2010


An unexpected event took place that created some activities in what would have been just another boring night in our life or to be more specific, in our bedroom. Wait, before you start looking for a video clip of "TOTA Totally Gone Wild" on YouTube, I am not talking about that kind of activities!
At around 11:30 p.m. I heard the first police siren that woke me up from my sleep. Then it became louder, accompanied by fire truck and ambulance blasting, completed with the lights flashing, coming right thru our bedroom windows!
I got up, went to the windows and looked outside, there they were, two police cars in front, two fire trucks and one ambulance vehicle to the right and two more fire trucks and one more ambulance to the left, of our house. I quickly walked back to the bed, only to find my husband sleeping soundly and snoring from the top of his lung, undisturbed by all the sirens and the flashing lights.
I "gently" shook CP to wake him up. "There are police and fire trucks in front of our house", I said "calmly"!
"Really, I did not hear anything", CP responded. After looking out the windows, CP declared that the emergency personnel had everything under control and went back to bed. Our house is in a corner lot of a cul-de-sac, so I could not see much from our bedroom windows. I tried looking thru the windows in the living room, also from the dining room, I could not see where the fire might be or what prompted such response. I put on my jacket and went outside, from the patio I was able to take these photos. Look closely you could see the hose was attached to the fire hydrant, getting ready for action. The police, the firetrucks and the ambulance finally cleared out the neighborhood around 12:15 am but I could not get back to sleep until almost 2am. Of course, my husband did not have the same problem!
When I was pulling out of the driveway this morning, I saw a car with an insurance company logo stopped in front a neighbor's house, three houses to the left of our house and there was a blue tarf covering part of the roof of that house. I am grateful to the firefighters for their quick response. It definitely would be scary to realize that we were so close to where the fire was. Last night I was getting to put on my Red Wings jersey and all my hockey stuff in the bag, in case we had to get out of our house and run for our live! (Here is a funny story about Qaptain Qwerty when he was about five years old living in Viet Nam. Every time he heard a firetruck siren, he would say, "Le le, lay bo do khong quan ban", translation, "Quick, I must put on my pilot jumpsuit". I still have a picture of the Qaptain in his favorite mustard color jumpsuit. The entire town could be burned to the ground, all the Qaptain cared about was his "bo do khong quan".) I guess we all have our priority!

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