Monday, March 15, 2010


I thought of giving the title "TOTA is Back from the Wonderland" to this entry as I have not updated this silly boring blog of mine since "Alice in the Wonderland" entry almost 10 days ago. I decided on "Have you Missed me Yet?" because I believed the title might be more fitting to how a lot of people in this country are feeling right now. I have no excuses for not blogging. I hope my adoring fans will forgive me. Just like my mother would have commented that since I did not have children, no pets, plus I don't cook, it sure does not take much time to clean my little humble poor house, I should have plenty of free time. There are only two people in the house, how much chores could possibly be that would keep me busy. Instead, I wasted so much time watching hockey games, planning for our next trip on Route 66 to Arizona and staring at the wall while the world passing by!
The truth is I did not feel like blogging. I just could not come up with anything clever to write. The fact is I could not think of anything worthy to share, not even cheesy photos, not something that could be silly, or remotely humor, I just was not in the mood. These photos taken last year of the rabbit resting in the cool shade on a hot summer day, not a care in the world, not moving its little ears even when I came very close. That was exactly how I felt, just being in suspended state of doing nothing, just floating around in the universe, without purpose or meanings of what tomorrow should become. Well, I did take care of a few things. Last weekend, I "floated" to the mall to drop off six special occassions dresses to the Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project - Prom Dresses with a Purpose. This is the 2nd year of the program collecting donations of new or gently used dresses to be distributed to high school young women of financial limitations. One of the dresses was a nice hunter green dress that I wore to my brother's wedding more than 10 years ago. I think I wore it again at a niece wedding and to a few Christmas parties. There were two little black dresses I last wore more than 20 years ago. A red dress I wore to a formal dinner on our Alaskan cruise almost 7 years ago. The rich color dress is no longer appropriate for my age. I gladly handed the dresses to the lady at the collection desk. I hope some young ladies would find the dresses to their liking.
It was a busy week with a few evening activities. Wednesday night was work-related and I spent Thursday evening at a Visioning Session to provide comments on land use changes, infrastructure improvements and economic development strategies along the corridor of the main road. Everyone agreed that we need to improve traffic control, enhance the roadway, making the road safer for pedestrians and a need for designated bicycle paths. After the meeting, for some reasons I was not able to get some rest that night. I probably had about 3 or 4 hours of sleep the most. Friday night was not any better and by Saturday afternoon I was so tired that I went to bed at around 2 pm and did not get up until Sunday morning, just in time for noon Mass!

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Hooray for bicycle paths!


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