Monday, May 17, 2010


And then it was over! It was more than 2 weeks and I am finally able to talk about the pains in my heart that my beloved Red Wings were eliminated in 5 games in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I went to bed after the 2nd period because I could not stand to watch the desperation in the last minutes of the game. I always like watching the handshakes at the end of the series. It is so sportmanship when the players form a line at the end of the game, shaking hand with the opponents to show the love for the sport and respect to each other. I read that the Red Wings players had mixed feelings that they were eliminated so early but grateful for the time they now have and are able to spend with their families. Let's not make this a yearly habit, eh?
In other series, I cheered for the Vancouver Canucks because I wanted a Canadian team to advance. I am sure every Canadians wanted this to be the year that they would take back their national pride after winning the Gold medal at the Olympics and the hope that a Canadian hockey team finally brings home the Stanley Cup. Sadly, the Chicago Blackhawks sent the Canucks packing in 6 games. The most shocking "how could it happen" was the Canadiens v. the Pens series. No one would have predicted that the #8 seed Habs would give the #1 seed Washington Capitals a hard time. Instead, the Habs eliminated the Caps and then rolled over the Pens to advance to Round 3 taking on the Philadelphia Flyers. Sorry, Gomer (Dan Bylsma), let's hope it will not be a repeat next year. I was hoping for an Original Six match-up between the Boston Bruins v. the Montreal Canadiens, but the Bruins squandered their leads, not only in the series wining the first 3 games but in Game 7 after leading 3-0 then ran out of steam, allowing a major upset losing to the Flyers 3-4. I guess it is true that when it comes to playoffs, the winners are those that play disciplined games and wanted to win more than the other teams. I am not going to make any predictions or putting my wishes in writing because I might jinx the outcome. I will just sit back and enjoy the coolest sport on earth!

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