Thursday, May 06, 2010


I am back! It has been more than two weeks since my last entry, did you miss reading all the intelligent discussions, profound ideas, and deep thoughts, from my writing? Ok, you could stop laughing now and help me celebrate Benjamin's belated birthday. Since moving to St. Louis, Benjamin has been active in the community, attending council meetings, serving on the Board of Adjustment and participating in discussions on how to improve various aspects in the neighborhood. Photo above shows a representative from the Mayor of City of St. Louis presented the key to the City and a jewelry box to Benjamin, for his contributions to the community.
Since I am not sure when Benjamin was "born" (the tag only reads Made in China, is there anything made in America anymore?), so I based his birthday on the day my nephew gave Benjamin to me, May 6, 2009. I drafted this post in April to make sure I would not forget to timely celebrate Benjamin's First Birthday on May 6th. Then I got sidetracked with NHL playoffs and was so depressed after the Red Wings were eliminated. It was painful watching my beloved hockey team down 0-3 in Round 2, came back strong in game 4 (7-1) but it was not good enough to make a comeback and the Wings were eliminated (1-2) in game 5. There I go again, talking about hockey while writing a belated birthday post! If there was a category for the worst mother, I would be in my own league. Benjamin told me he still has nightmare about being dropped in the middle of the 4-lane busy road. He still felt the tires running over his back with his face mashed down onto the asphalt while trying to keep all eight of the yellow strings intact to his little head.
Sorry, I did not bake a cake (did I ever bake anything?) and it is too late to buy a cake, so let's just wish Benjamin a Belated Happy Birthday and may his future be as bright as his ever smiling face!

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