Friday, May 21, 2010


Driving to work one morning last week, as I looked up at the traffic lights waiting for the green light and there they were, a bunch of white and blue balloons got stucked on the power line. The balloons were almost fully inflated so they must be from a recent party. Probably from a birthday party for a boy since it was white and blue or it could be for a girl who loves the color of blue instead of the typical "girlie" pink! Well, you know my obsession with watching the balloons that getting stuck on the power line. I had to turn around, pulled safely into a nearby parking lot and took these photos.
Here is what I wrote in previous post, an oldie but a goodie, "A few months ago, as I was sitting in traffic, I saw one of the balloons broke away from a car dealership lot. The balloon flew off but then was caught on the electrical wires. As I watched the balloon swaying in the wind, I thought how sometimes in our lives we feel as if we were the balloons stuck on the power lines. No matter what you try to do, you could not break free. Just like the balloons, you were up high but going nowhere, flapping around in the wind, slowly losing the air inside, then the emptiness took over, still hanging on the wires but nothing left of what was once a pretty balloon full of air." I am sure you would think of me, a chubby, grumpy old woman in St. Louis, whenever you see balloons on the power lines!

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