Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Above is a display of the 9-foot tall "San Marco II" twin horse sculpture by Ludovico De Luigi, at the entrance, welcoming visitors to Chesterfield City Hall. These two bronze horses stood in the lobby of the downtown St. Louis Adams Mark Hotel for 22 years. The sculptures were cast in the same Italian foundry used by Leonardo da Vinci.
Below are the Kinetic Horses (there are three horses, red, yellow and blue) by artist Fred Prescott, on display behind Lowe's store on Edison Boulevard in Chesterfield Valley.
Keeping with the theme of horses, below is a display of lot of horsepower at the Mustangs Show sponsored by the Museum of Transportation. I went inside the gift shop while my husband engaged in serious discussions about the engines, the models and every details from the chrome wheels to the sequential tail lights, with other members of the Mustang Club.
Below is a new addition to the family, a 2010 Mustang, my husband's new toy. Actually, I call it "the 2nd Mistress", the Thunderbird is the 1st Mistress. The ride is much more comfortable than the T-bird and it is not a convertible so I don't have to worry about getting my hair all mess-up!

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