Sunday, May 23, 2010


It was typical of me to be a few days late (and a few million dollars short) when it comes to posting timely topics. Not that I would bike to work (I don't even have a bike) when it was National Bike to Work Day last Friday, May 21st, but these photos would have been appropriate instead of the regular Friday Sky theme.
Trailnet, an organization in St. Louis, promoting active living, ( declares May as Pedal Past the Pumps month and encourages citizens to use their bicycles for short trips and errands, participants then qualified for a drawing for a chance to win a new bike (one for men and one for women). A few years ago my husband bought a set of bikes, his and her, both deep purple color, with a good intention that biking would change our unhealthy lifestyle. We sold the bikes after using only a dozen times. We are still known around the neighborhood as the same chubby husband and wife driving around in the T-bird. I am not planning to purchase another bike, but I might consider answering the call of Transportation Alternatives:Biking & Walking by walking and combining errands to reduce the use of driving.
Benjamin traded his yellow vehicle (bottom photo) for this yellow bicycle (photo below). Then he realized that he was not going anywhere fast and decided to walk home instead! The temperature already reached 90+ yesterday and the same today. After the noon mass, we stayed in and watched the Blackhawks swept the Sharks to capture the Western Conference title and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Canadiens are not going too well and I am afraid to think of game 5 tomorrow night. We expect rains and thunderstorm the next few days. I will have a busy week ahead with council meeting on Monday and Board of Directors on Wednesday. One more month and we will be on our Route 66 adventure, all the way to Arizona.

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QaptainQwerty said...

I was out there with Transportation Alternatives greeting cyclists as they came off the bike lane of the Manhattan Bridge on the Manhattan side. I would never bike to work, of course, but there are other uses for bikes, too.


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