Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We saw the above sign displayed in front of a burned house across from Route 66 Park on North Broadway Street in Joliet, Illinois, during our trip last weekend. How creative to ask the question "Is America in distress?" using the burned house as a symbol of all the problems we have been experiencing from the economic/financial crisis, double-digit unemployment, federal deficits, non-existence immigration policy/borders controlled, the recent gulf spill, etc.

Do our politicians even care? The question should be, "How did these incompetent individuals get elected?". Because the people who voted for them were fooled by rhetorics that were full of empty promises, the audacity of hope and change by rubbing the magic lamp to make all the problems go away. The head clown, without any leadership skills or actual executive decision making experience, telling the people that he would put out the fire while pretending to carry an empty bucket of water. He then blames others who were trying to help while apologizing to the one who started the fire. Is America in distress? Honk if you agree!

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