Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Last October when we were driving along Glenstone Avenue in Springfield, Missouri looking for Route 66 Rail Haven, one of the few 66-era motels that are still in operation, I spotted the tin-man (above photo) sitting alone on the roof top of the buidling of the Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union 36 Apprenticeship Training Center. Five minutes later, down the road, we were so excited when we found a group of eleven "men" sitting on a steel beam at the edge of the Killian Group of Company building. I don't remember if there was a security gate but I was able to get close enough, zooming in and captured these photos below.

Finding these public sculptures is one of the fun things I enjoy when we go on our Route 66 adventure or weekend trips. I love to visit small towns, places that are tucked away, far from the superhighways, away from the madding crowd of rushing to their destinations while missing so much along the journey. Here is my humble suggestion for your next road trip, get off the interstate to experience the charm of small towns America, or even when you are walking in your city or within your neighborhood, be mindful of what is nearby and you might find the joy in spotting a tin-man sitting alone on the roof top because he forgot the "oil" can of deodorant!

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