Monday, June 07, 2010


Above - The Route 66 Rocker, World Largest Rocker (Fanning, Missouri) - Erected April 1, 2008; Stands 42'4" tall; Weight 27,500 lbs; Width 20' across.
In the above photo, the T-bird looks like a toy underneath the giant rocker. Saturday, August 7th will be the 3rd Annual Picture on the Rocker day. For $10, a person would be lifted up high in the bucket from a fire truck to have a picture taken sitting on the Rocker. The proceeds go to charities. We missed it last year because we were in Michigan to see Dan Bylsma in the Coast Guard Festival parade. I wonder if Goober is still invited to be in the parade since the Pens were eliminated in 2nd Round in the playoffs.
Below - A stack of chairs near the train station in downtown Kirkwood, Missouri.

Above photo was taken during our cruise on the day when we were at sea, it was early morning and I had nothing to do but taking candid photos while walking around the ship.

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