Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Last month I went to a local nursery to look for a tree to add to our backyard or some kind of shrubs to replace the overgrown bushes on the right of the patio. While there, I noticed the chicken coop with about a dozen hens and only one rooster (lucky son-of-a-gun). The employee told me there were eggs available for purchase. She explained that fresh eggs were creamy and taste much better, not as rubbery like those from the regular stores. So I bought a dozen at twice the cost I would pay at the supermarket. Whether I did not want to feel like a fool paying for unnecessary luxury (organic eggs), I convinced myself that the fresh eggs taste better and kind of creamy! What do you prefer, fresh eggs or pre-packaged from the store?
Well, there are only 8, not a dozen eggs in this photo because we already ate 4! I made cheese omelet for CP and mine with mushroom and green pepper. Did you know that there are tinted blue eggshell, in addition to the regular white or brown? When I was in Viet Nam, we visited my maternal grandparents during the summer. One morning I got up and decided that I should be helpful by collecting eggs for breakfast. Being city girl, I thought the eggs from the hens would produce the chicks and the roosters also produce eggs but no chicks! My cousins laughed so hard when I told them I was trying to get an egg from a rooster. What do you prefer, white or brown eggs?


QaptainQwerty said...

Remember the time when you tried to milk the bull? Oh, wait, that was an episode of Three's Company...

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks Qap, for your comment about milking the bull. How about sharing funny stories about you, city kid, while spending the summer at Che Pho? Those were wonderful memories and I will always treasure the carefree childhood with pure joy.
TOTA - a geezer in St. Louis trying to recapture long lost youth and fading beauty - haa haa


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