Monday, August 02, 2010


Here we are, the first week of August. The hot and humid weather is expected for the entire coming weeks and months. You would think that living in St. Louis since 1995, we should get used to this "scorching" temperature by now. After our 9-day, 4,437 miles road trip, it was back to working, daily chores, weekend errands, putting away "stuff" that we obtained on the trip but most of the time, we stay in the cool basement, and taking naps on the futon. It took me a whole week to get the 2,000+ photos organized, copied onto CDs and also back-up copies on the laptop.
Sunday, July 25th we went to a Ford Mustangs and Classic Cars Show (top photo). There were, of course, lot of cool Mustangs, a dozen T-birds (none with the Merlot color) and also a few good-looking Fairlane. I specially like the Galaxie 500 Skyliner with a Retractable Hardtop.
On Sunday, July 18th someone at my husband's workplace gave us 2 tickets to see the St. Louis Cardinals taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. At first I did not wish to go since it would be too hot at 12:15 p.m. but the tickets were two rows behind the dugout (above photos show how close we were to the field) and it was the Dodgers (Brooklyn connection). I know that the team moved from Brooklyn in 1958 but to me it will always be the Brooklyn Dodgers! I was glad we went because we got to sing Happy Birthday to Joe Torre. He looks good for a 70 years old guy.
I want to share a beautiful sunset, seen and captured (bottom image) from my backyard. Wishing all five of my faithful readers and three loyal followers and everyone who reads my blog, whether for a good laugh or to help with your insomnia, a safe, fun and enjoyable summer. Be cool!

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