Monday, October 11, 2010


Hey Qaptain Qwerty, this post is for you. I know these license plates are so easy and don't need to be de-coded. You have to admit they are clever and easy to remember.
At FastLane Classic Cars in St. Charles, there was a large display of approximately 100 license plates. I did not look at each of the plates so I don't know if they came from all 50 states. When I saw the California license plate that reads "935 NYC", I thought perhaps I should have gotten one with a Missouri plate that reads "180 NYC" for January 1980 when my family came to America. And everyone will know when they see my license plate that New York is always in my heart.
I still try to figure it out what the license plate "KPRSKILO" stands for. Do you know what "4QQ NJY" stands for?


QaptainQwerty said...

I am afraid 4QQ NJY is some kind of foul language...

Top-of-the-Arch said...

What the h#@k are you talking about that it was some kind of foul language? OK, that is as foul mouth as I could get. I am sure you already knew that it stands for "For Qaptain Qwerty Enjoy".
It has been sunny and comfortable all week. We expect rain this weekend. Dan Bylsma and the Pittsburgh Penguins will be in town on Saturday. Life is good :)


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