Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If there was a category for "the most friendly goalie in the NHL", Ty Conklin (former Red Wings, current Blues) would win the award. I captured the above photo of Hannu Toivonen and Conklin during the warm up before the game (September 30th) when the Hawks came to St. Louis. Toivonen played 23 games as a Blues during 2007-2008 season.

I remembered seeing Conklin chatting with other goalies during warm up when we were at another game. Looks like Toivonen and Conklin were just saying hello and asking, "how are you doing, how is the family". Or could be just trash talk like, "Do you feel lucky, punk?", or "Don't let that puck get thru your 5th hole."

We got tickets to see the Penguins when they come into town on Saturday, October 23rd. We hope to say hello to Dan Bylsma and get his autograph. I hope Brent Johnson has forgiven me for being a "jinx" after I got his autograph when he was with the Blues in 2004, he was injured and traded to the Coyotes. I will be sure to take a photo of Conklin having a friendly chat with Johnson.

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