Sunday, October 17, 2010


The Missouri Knights of Columbus held the Annual “Tootsie Roll” Drive last week. The purpose of this fundraising effort is to provide assistance to people who are mentally challenged and those with physical limitations. On Saturday morning, October 9th, my husband was assigned to stand in front of one of the gadzillion Walgreen stores in the area. On Sunday morning, October 10th, we both were enlisted to be at a local Shop n’ Save supermarket. I was on the west entrance and CP was on the east. This was the first time I was asked to help. The last few years, only CP signed up to volunteer at a U-Gas near our house. I was more than happy to help since I wanted CP to move up to 4th Degree and eventually to be a Grand Knight. But my dear husband has no ambition and has remained a 3rd Degree Knight the last four years! People began to talk and I could not face the scandal (just kidding).

Most of the people were nice but no generous amount, only $1 or a few coins were deposited into the donation can. Only one person put in a $10 and did not even take the Tootsie roll. I smiled and greeted everyone with a "good morning or have a good day", without being a pushy salesperson. One person had a Tootsie roll in his pocket and quickly pulled it out, as he approached me, saying that he already gave. I engaged people, mostly man, with comments such as, “Were you at the game yesterday? The Blues sure played a good game against the Flyers.” when I saw a person with a Blues shirt.
Another comment, “That Cutler really struggled last week against the Giants”, to a young man with a Chicago Bears cap. When I told my husband about my tactic of getting people’s attention, he said that it was a good thing that I did not get into a fight with someone who might find out that I was really a Red Wings and a Patriots fan. Or I used my sports knowledge just to “B.S.” Well, I am doing whatever it takes to get money/funding for the kids!

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