Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Last weekend, downtown St. Louis was painted red for the celebration of the St. Louis Cardinals 11th World Series Championship. Even the water from the fountain was red. Fans going to the Rams game were wearing Cardinals jerseys. I saw many people wearing Halloween costumes. The whole town was filled with excitement.

On the way from the parking lot to the Rams game, we saw people already lined along the parade route. And that was only noon. The parade was scheduled at 4pm. By the time we got out of the Rams game, the streets were crowded with layers of fans waiting to cheer for their favorite Cardinals.

People stood around the base of Stan Musial sculpture or anywhere they could get to since there was no space along the sidewalks. From the photo below, you could see there were people on the roof top of the garage and peaking thru from lower parking levels.

After walking around the stadium, we decided to go up the roof of the West garage. From there, I was able to take the photos below.

We tried walking up to the bridge connecting the garage to the stadium (it would have been a perfect spot to watch, take photos when the parade went thru, under the bridge to get inside the stadium) but the nice police officers would not allow. They explained that those on the bridge parked their cars in the garage, walked over the bridge and stayed up there since before noon. No one was allowed to go up the bridge from the streets. "It is for safety", the nice police officer said. Being geezers, we did not feel like standing around, especially when it started to drizzle. We left just when the parade started. Later in the evening, we watched the parade on television from our living room and that was just fine!


Alisa said...

Thanks for the pictures of the celebration! We didn't get to watch any games, but I was cheering them on from France!

Busboy said...

Sorry to be so late in sending my congratulations for the World Championship. I have a lot of family in Texas who were pulling for the Rangers. But what a great series it was!

I hope things in the non-baseball world are going as well.


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