Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was rushing back to the hotel after the 7:30 am Mass at Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to meet up with my sister for breakfast. Then I saw these well-dressed distinguished gentlemen sitting on the bench at Orleans Square. I said good morning and they greeted me with a smiled while continued with their conversation. They spoke quietly, just enough to hear each other. When I reached the other side of the square, I turned around and took the photo below.

It was a beautiful sunny and comfortable morning. These two gentlemen must be on their way to church. Or they are those who always dressed properly whenever they are in public setting. You just don't see this kind of social grace anymore. People (myself included) are careless with how they dressed and how many times did you see individuals (both young and old) and felt embarassed just looking at what they were wearing?

I started to slow down, no longer rushing back to the hotel. (My sister is not a morning person so she probably still was just getting out of bed!) I continued walking yet began to appreciate the warmth of the sun and the quiet of Sunday morning. There were no roses, just the smell of the fresh grass, the leave on the ground and the sun streaming through the Spanish moss hanging on the tree branches, simply a beautiful day in Savannah.

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