Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Walking along Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, I came upon this building #200, across from the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant. At first I thought it was a giant peach sitting on top of the blue canopy. It was a giant red lightbulb normally found on Christmas tree or for New Year celebration.
It was my first visit to Atlanta, Georgia and I am impressed with what I saw, learned and interactions with the good people of "A-town". It is easy to get around town by car (a crossroads of three major interstate highways), by air (the airport might be a bit confusing but once you learned the system, it is very efficient and well-organized) and public transportation is dependable, clean, modern and safe. This is only my personal humble opinion and based on limited experience from living in New York City and visited Chicago, London, Paris and Rome, so I only compared Atlanta to these cities. Of course, once you managed New York Subway, other systems would be rather simple and easy.
I found downtown Atlanta to be interesting and a pleasant place for walking. I did a lot of walking in a few days there to make up for all the driving (non-walking) in St. Louis. There are many historical places and major attractions. (We went to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, World of Coca-Cola, Underground Atlanta, Margaret Mitchell House & Museum, the Fox Theater, even the Varsity). The good people of Atlanta are friendly and helpful. I fit right in with the southern customs of saying, "please", "yes, sir", "thank you, ma'am". Reading history of Atlanta, I could see its strength from a proud heritage of a city that rose from smoldering bitter ashes (after being burned down to the ground in 1864). When in Atlanta or elsewhere in the State of Georgia, you could step back in time to learn about the past, then enjoy all the modern attractions and look around at the on-going development to see what the city is getting into its promising position in the future. If I was 25 years younger, single and the economy is good, I would consider moving to Atlanta. But then that would be a reason anyone would re-locate to a new city where they could find suitable employment, reasonable cost of living, comfortable housing in a vibrant community and a good place to raise a family. What would be your dream town or perhaps you already are living there?

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