Saturday, December 01, 2012


One door, two faces
Unknown future later date
It might be too late

These images were painted on a building across from Lynn Paradise Cafe in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  I originally wanted to use the above image of the two faces (crying/smiling) for a post after the Presidential election.  I thought the hydraulic arm of the excavator on top of the smiling face represents a politician who has been digging a hole that is getting deeper and deeper with his many failures while the economy slides further into the recession.  After many hours of deep thoughts, I decided to use the image to write a Haiku poem instead.

There is an expression in Vietnamese that speaks of the importance of fathers being a constant presence in the family life.  "Con khong cha nhu nha khong cot" meaning "Children without father's guidance is like house without pillars", the house collapses as there is nothing to keep it from falling down.

Parrot on the roof
Repeat words from passerby
From morning to night

Perhaps I should get back to idioms and popular sayings which is much easier than writing Haiku poem.   

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