Saturday, May 03, 2014


It has been an interesting week - stormy weather on Monday (4/28), then I started to be "under the weather" with a sore throat on Tuesday (4/29), stuffy nose and worsen sore throat on Wednesday (4/30), sneezing and blowing my "little flat nose" all day on Thursday (5/1).
Did I mention that I started a new job with a very nice law firm?  It is a full time position with good benefits.  I work for five attorneys but also provide support to others when they need help with reviewing documents or research.  It has been busy with steady projects but not yet overwhelming.  As a legal professional, I am supposed to maintain absolute confidentiality.  I wonder since my husband does not understand Vietnamese, if I told him about the cases I am working on in Vietnamese, would that be considered violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct?  I guess the best thing to do is not to tell anyone in any languages!     
I am feeling much better today, still have a bit of a sore throat, still sneezing but not much stuffy nose and no running nose.  The last few days, all I did was going to work, coming home, after dinner and watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I forced myself to go straight to bed while the games were in overtime.  Round 2 in the Eastern Conference includes Boston v. Canadiens (I am cheering for the Habs but I hope I don't jinx them); Rangers v. Penguins (I am really torn between my American hometown and cheering for Bylsma's team).  In the Western Conference, I don't really care which teams will win the Series, Colorado v. Minnesota and Ducks v. Kings.
It is sunny and in the 70s - it is time to start planning for summer road trips.  But we won't be driving 5,000 miles adventure this year since my husband and I both started new jobs.  What are your plans for summer vacations?

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Sarah Marchant said...

I see that cake every morning on my drive to work! Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to stop and snap a photo yet, but I have gotten four others.


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