Thursday, August 26, 2010


Folk Art on Route 66 – Elmer Long is the artist who lives on the property.
From, "The Bottle Tree Ranch created by Elmer Long is one of the most impressive attractions along Route 66, featuring hundreds with bottle-filled trees.
Elmer Long is the quirky artist behind the now famous Bottle Tree Ranch. He looks a lot like one of the guys from ZZ Top, but he’s really a fascinating man who loves greeting and getting to know the people who visit his
roadside masterpiece. As a kid, Elmer used to travel through the desert, with his dad, who would collect any objects they found, and keep extensive notes about their location.
After Elmer’s dad died, he was left with a sizable collection of colorful bottles, but he had no idea what to do with it. One day, it hit him – he decided to build his first bottle tree. He got to welding and after he completed his work, knew that he had to go on. Elmer Long started the Bottle Tree Ranch in 2000, and since then has created over 200 scrap metal bottle trees."

On display at the Bottle Tree Ranch are countless colorful bottles arrayed on “trees”, intermixed with Route 66 artifacts.
Some of the bottles are old and dusty, while others are newly added, as the “forest” continues to grow.

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