Sunday, August 08, 2010


While driving near Silverado Ranch Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada, we saw this sign, "When you die, You will meet God." If I may add a comment, "When you die, You will meet God or you might not because You might be going down the escalator to Hell."

On Friday, August 6th, while reading the news on-line during my lunch break, I learned of the crash on I-44 in Gray Summit that caused 2 deaths. Gray Summit is approximately 15 miles from where we live. The accident made national news because it involved a tractor trailer, a pick up truck and two school buses full of high school students. Someone from my office made a comment that she hoped it was not the students among the fatalities.

I understand that we tend to sympathize more towards people who died young. A few years ago, my Mom commented, “They were so young and good looking people,” when we were talking about Princess Diana and John Kennedy, Jr.

I said to Mom, “Are you saying only old or ugly people would die?” We both laughed because we knew no one got to decide when their life expiration date would be.

By now we all know that the 2 people died in this accident were the 15 years old female student riding in the first school bus and the 19 years old young man driving the pick-up truck. I feel sorry for these families and the pains they must be going thru. I also thought it would not be any less painful if it was the 45 years old woman or a 68 years old man because they are family members of someone, a father, a mother; do we feel less sorry for them because they were older? Are their lives worth less because they have lived a few more years? Are they not loved equally by their sisters/brothers, children, and grandchildren?

These students were on their way to a day of fun at an amusement park in Eureka, Missouri. How quickly life forever changed for them and for their families! It is a reminder that life is full of surprises and unexpected events. I saw a quote at the bottom of a poster, “Dream like you would live forever; Live like you would die tomorrow” below an image of James Dean in his famous devil-daring pose. Whether this quote was made by Mr. Dean or someone else, it is definitely a good quote. How do you plan to live your life today?

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