Saturday, August 21, 2010


(Don't these sea lions from St. Louis Zoo look refreshing?)

We had a big storm on Friday evening. From my home office, I could hear the strong wind and the heavy rain pounding on the windows. This week we had kind of nice weather, starting with Monday in the mid 80s and gentle breeze as a bonus. The temperature went up above 90 but not as humid and unbearable.

Then I heard the siren for tornado warning. I quickly shut off the computer, ran as quick as I could to the basement. The warning lasted about 20 minutes. We listened to the radio and went back upstairs after the broadcaster announced that the tornado warning in our area had been cancelled. The rain continued to come down. It looked like a stream with the water rushing across the driveway.
Happy Days are almost here - NHL pre-season will start late September. My beloved Detroit Red Wings will be on the road playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins on September 22nd. Home opening games will be against the Chicago Blackhawks on September 24th. I am looking forward to see my “guys” when the Wings come into town on December 23rd, January 20th and March 12th. I am working on seeing all the Original Six home games by the end of 2011.
Happy Days are here and I am so happy. The NFL season started last week and my New England Patriots won both games against the New Orleans Saints (27-24) and the Atlanta Falcons (28-10). Mind you, these are pre-season games but winning is always better than losing. The Patriots will start the regular season on Sunday, September 12th against the Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo below is from the Superbowl XL in 2006).

I hope the current salmonella outbreak did not cause too much problems for your family. As mentioned in previous post that I have been getting eggs from a local nursery. The cost for a dozen eggs is almost twice compared to the price at the store. But it is worth it and it was nice that this week when I walked thru the door, "the farmer’s daughter" greeted me with a smile and said that she had a dozen fresh eggs ready for me.

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