Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Another long weekend had gone by! Originally we had planned a road trip to Grand Haven this Labor Day. We even took vacation day on Friday with the plans to start driving from St. Louis to Bloomington/Normal (Illinois) on Thursday evening. That would take off half of the 7.5 hours driving time and on to Grand Haven early Friday morning for breakfast at a place we called “Potato Joint”. The restaurant has changed to another name under new ownership but we still remembered the giant potato in front of the building. We thought we would drive to Traverse City on Saturday. We used to go camping there. If we were up to the challenge, we might even went to Mackinac Island on Sunday.
We decided to stay home instead, still took Friday off, after reading the Grand Haven local news website that it called for rains and temperature in the 60s. It was a good decision since the entire weekend was sunny, beautiful weather in the mid-80s here in St. Louis. I saw the reports of the high waves crashing on to the broad walk and along the pier to the lighthouse. It would not be much fun at all if we were there in Grand Haven. These photos were taken last year with a different kind of weather!
I spent the entire Friday re-organized all the boxes that were full of photos we accumulated the last 20+ years. I found the negatives of our trip to London and Paris in July 1999. It was our 10th wedding anniversary celebration. I also found a tin can full of Kodak Advantix developed films, some marked and some would be mystery for many years to come! It would cost $7.99 each roll to transfer the images onto a CD. I shredded all the duplicates and images from events or people I no longer care about.

Saturday I enjoyed a nice sunny and comfortable morning in the patio, reading and relaxing. In the afternoon we spent a few hours visiting a friend at St. Clair Hospital.

We attended noon Mass on Sunday and then took the T-bird to Jefferson City. It was a glorious day driving in the convertible with the wind gently blowing our hair and the sun warmed our faces.
Monday was another relaxing day - just a short drive around town after brunch. We had a nice steak dinner out in the patio. That completed our Labor Day weekend - goodbye summer and hello football season :)

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