Thursday, September 09, 2010


I received this Happy Rosh Hashanah card from the Metropolitan Jewish Health System in New York. Inside it reads, “Wishing you a year of health and happiness”, signed by the president and executive director of MJHS Foundation.

I don’t remember if this is the first year that I received a Happy Rosh Hashanah card from the Foundation. Perhaps someone at the Foundation noticed my regular contributions the last 9 years.

I greatly appreciated the compassionate end-of-life care Metropolitan provided when my Dad was under hospice care in early 2001. After my Dad passed away, I started to send memorial contributions on a regular schedule such as on his birthday, my parents’ anniversary, in January the anniversary when my family came to America, July 4th to show appreciation to America, at Thanksgiving, at Christmas, and Lunar New Year.

My Dad taught us to always remember kindness and to show gratitude by helping others and paying forward whenever possible. My sister also contributed to the Tree of Life Memorial Wall with the words engraved below my Dad’s name “For the Life he Lived”. And for the memory we shared, will forever be in our hearts.

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