Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Tuesday, June 29th at 12:05 p.m. we stopped at Emma Jean’s Holland Burger in Victorville for lunch. We took 2 corner seats at the counter, placed our order, cheese burgers with onion rings. In this vintage truck stop café, there was enough space only for four tables, lining against the wall. Each table could sit up to three people with the 3rd chair blocking the only walkway around the counter. The L shape counter could accommodate up to 8 customers. We watched the constant flow of people leaving and coming into the tight quarter. The servers, the cook and the customers greeted each other and the lively conversation made the place more like a family gathering than just a roadside café.
We did not have to wait long before the server brought us our food. The portion was generous and the burgers were done just right to our liking, well done for me and medium-well for my husband. The young lady asked if we would like ketchup for the onion rings. She then pointed the bottle at me and I jumped when a red string flying at me. I was being a good sport, and we all had a good laugh. Be sure to stop by Emma Jean’s if you are in Victorville to enjoy fine roadfood and you might get a new friend or two.
Our next stop was the California Route 66 Museum but it was closed on Tuesday. We took a few photos of the museum (above), the New Corral Motel (below) and got back to I-15 to continue toward Santa Monica.
There were signs “Runaway Truck Ramp” along the downgrade stretch in Cajon Summit. It was a bit scary watching the trucks careening downhill in the rear mirror. Of course, my husband had a great time with his ‘Stang and enjoyed the horse power tremendously when passing the trucks while they were crawling uphill, trying to get up the speed on the steep climb of 4,260 feet.
At around 2:03 p.m. we paid a visit to the Wig Wam Motel, located east of Rialto. These concrete Tee Pees are Route 66 icon and thanks to the new owner, all the units were renovated and restored in 2004 after many years of neglect. This Wig Wam Motel is only one of the three Wigwam Villages that were originally designed and built by Frank Redford in 1934. We were impressed with the space and how nice the unit was after the owner, a young man who could pass for a youthful Elvis, gave us a tour. We thanked him for his hospitality and for being so courteous. We promised to spend the night on our eastward trip.

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