Thursday, March 24, 2011


Above - Houska Doodle Wings by Charles Houska (who else?)
From, "Colorful, bold, intense art that commands attention and triggers a smile is the essence of Houska’s work. He has his own pop-art style, using a whimsical cast of characters and bright color. “I paint for light-hearted, happy people of all ages, he says.”
"Inspiration: I have done a lot of work in the past for St. Louis Children’s Hospital and nothing to me is more amazing than to see the bright smiles of children around art. I decided to fill every possible space on the butterfly with a collage of my characters painted in bright happy colors. My hope is to bring instant attention, fun and happy thoughts, if even briefly, to an uncertain world."

Hey Qaptain Qwerty, the sculpture below was probably made just for you! Read on and you will agree that the artist's inspiration is similar to one of your causes. Actually, in two weeks, you will be able to see these scupltures "up close and personal"! Can't wait :)
Above - 504fly by artist Rob Corley.
"While attending Tulane University Medical School and living in New Orleans, Rob began to ponder a use for the colorful beads remaining once the Mardi Gras festivities ended. When away from his work as Executive Director of St. Joseph Health Center Emergency Room, he is encrusting artwork and furniture with beads creating a more permanent way to enjoy the fun. "

Here is an excellent inspiration for Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
"When I lived in New Orleans, I was always fascinated with the vibrant shimmering beads that were so prized during Mardis Gras, but lay discarded when the festivities were over. It seemed to me that there was no reason for the fun to stop, so I started developing my own art with these beads – a perfect reflection of the folk art soul of the New Orleans I loved.
For my butterfly, the brilliantly colored beads became my medium. The colors and details began to follow wherever my mind led them. Each day I’d add new colors and styles into the mix, and I was excited to see the design unfold on a large, three-dimensional scale. It was even more rewarding to roll it out at the end of the day to allow it to sparkle in the sun.

The name “504fly” is a nod to New Orleans using its area code…504."

Artist Joy Christensen created the above sculpture, Luminessa.
"Joy’s artistic works have been featured on QVC, HGTV, and KTVI, as well as in many national publications (including Victorian Home, Home Companion, and Romantic Homes to name a few.) She painted a 360 degree Art Deco Mural at her restaurant, The Fountain on Locust, and can be heard on the national comedic radio segment, “JOY GRDNIC IN THE STUDIO”.
"I named my butterfly “Luminessa,” because the paint I used absorbs sunlight in the day, and then glows in the dark at night. The process itself was illuminating for me too, as I recently discovered that luciferin, the chemical that produces light in fireflies and fish, was recently used by scientists to develop the first bioluminescent butterfly. And here I thought that I had beaten them to it! Now I’M glowing too!"

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QaptainQwerty said...

Oh, at first I thought you meant that the butterfly was running in sneakers or something along the running line of thought. Recycled beads, that's good, too.

A bit worried about the 26.2 miles now. I did 9.3 miles yesterday but was so tired I couldn't do 10 extra miles as planned. Maybe the cheer of the crowd will keep me going...


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