Thursday, March 17, 2011


It has been hectic yet lot of fun and excitement and the followings were what happened in my boring life.

Saturday, March 12th – I waited for this day for so long and it finally arrived! What so special about this 12th day of March? If you guessed it had to do with hockey game and my beloved Detroit Red Wings, that would be correct. There is extra special treat with both Mike Modano and Pavel Datsyuk back from injury. (Modano did not play when the Wings were in St. Louis in December and January) Madano, a native son of Michigan (Livonia), finally came home after playing 18 seasons with the Dallas Stars, plus 6 seasons with Minnesota North Stars. Modano played a total of 1,487 games, tying Wayne Gretzky, 15th on the NHL career list.
On Sunday, we went to St. Patrick’s festival at our parish. We bid on a few items. It was nice to see people were still very generous with both donations and bidding. When I last checked, someone was willing to pay $3,300 for complete dental work, braces included. One person donated a week stay at a condo in Orlando, Florida. The bid went up to $1,450. I thought of LG and wish I was able to win the bid! We were the highest bidders on two items, a set of dinner silverware and a digital pictures show plus music and videos including clock and calendar in 8” aluminum and wooden finished frames.
The snow came on Sunday night, continued into Monday morning, just enough to mess up the roads during the morning rush traffic. The rain started in the afternoon into the evening. I was so glad I did not wash Luc on Saturday. I tried not to be so obsessed with Luc (it’s only earthly possession).
Monday evening I attended the City Council meeting. I thought I should get back to my civic duty.

On Tuesday, when we got home from work, we found water all over our basement. Part of the carpet in my husband’s home office was soaking wet. The storage room had water in one corner. Good thing all my Red Wings posters were ok. We got most of the water out using the steamer and have to re-arrange all the items. This is the first time it happened. CP said because we had a lot of snow following by the heavy rain which caused the water no where to go or the ground could not absorb quick enough.
Wednesday, March 16th – Da Wings snapped the Washington Capitals’ 9-game winning streak. It was a treat to watch these two great teams play. How could I not love the game of hockey?

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