Monday, March 07, 2011


Saturday, March 5th was a misty day. The rain started on Friday night around 7:30 p.m. and continued to drizzle until Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, March 6th, we went to Delmar Loop then to Missouri History Museum. It was a nice sunny day. Since we stayed in all day on Saturday, we decided that it was nice to get out. We went to Gyro House in the Loop for lunch.
After lunch, we went to Missouri History Museum to see the exhibit of Treasures of Napoleon. The exhibition showcases some of his most personal possessions including Legion of Honour medal, clothing, handkerchief, private letters and many artifacts bearing his famous signature. There are many paintings depicted the famous Emperor leading the troops on the battle field to victory.I really enjoyed the exhibit and plan to read more about this enigmatic figure and how he changed the course of world history. CP commented that after attending the concert by Philharmonic of Poland on Wednesday, then this special exhibit, he felt so cultural! Too bad this exhibit ends April 3rd. Qaptain Qwerty would have enjoyed it as he also is very cultural - haa haa.


Salabencher said...


I am more French than I realized according to my DNA.

- LG

QaptainQwerty said...

I am getting cultured about Sweden! I am almost done with the Millenium trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson. So Sweden has its own language, although many words are recognizable as English or German. I will have to look up, just out of curiosity, if -gatan as a suffix means "street" or something similar. "Tunnelbana" may be something that moves and is in the shape of a banana, although I am pretty sure it's a subway system.


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