Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saturday, March 26th – The flurries began around 8:15 when I got up in the morning. After breakfast, approximately 10:20 a.m., I decided to go out. I needed a new ink cartridge and also to Borders bookstore to see whether there are any good books left from their out-of-business sales. I stopped by the community center where a book fair (and home-made bakery goods) was being held. Proceeds from the fair benefits the Historical Society and also fund the renovation of the old school building. I looked around but realized that I had enough reading materials (especially those self-help books), I bought two banana nut muffins and a small jar of strawberry jam. This was what greeted me when I walked back to my car after the book fair! The heavy snow, strong wind and below 30 degrees temperature, almost blizzard condition, caught me (and others) by surprise. I decided to go home where it is warm and safe. After lunch, we took a long nap and spent the evening watching a documentary on Mark Twain. You could hardly tell the words on the banner (above photo), “Spring has arrived”, I say NOT!!!!!
It sure is ironic that the sign reads “Spring Break” while the snow is falling!

Watching the little bird seeking shelter, waiting for the storm to pass, reminded me that sometimes in life we have to take a step back and not react to whatever comes at us. We need to wait for the right opportunity and plan accordingly.
By the time we got home from noon Mass on Sunday, March 27th, the sun was out and most of the snow was gone. After lunch, we again spent the day taking a nap. Must be the cold weather that made me so sleepy or it could be old age!

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