Monday, March 21, 2011


These photos were taken from the lobby at a local hospital when I was there a few weeks ago for an interview to be a hospice volunteer. The renovation was sort-of extreme make-over because for a second there I did not recognize the entrance we usually came in when we visited parishioners staying at this hospital. All the “wings” are now connected and expanded lobby area is filled with comfortable furniture as well as trendy decorations.
Let’s recap and continued where I left off more than a week ago.
Thursday, March 17th – It was a work day and I could not go to my regular “Irish pub” to get a corn beef sandwich and green beer! In the evening, I also had to be at a Board of Adjustment meeting. Last year, I was appointed as official commissioner, moving up from serving as an alternate the previous years. I had to be present for the meeting to have a quorum (five commissioners needed) and the vote (4 out of the 5 needed to either deny or grant variances). I won’t go in the details about the case but it failed (2 Aye v. 3 Nay).

Friday, March 18th – I again attended 8:00 a.m. Mass. I told Fr. Chris on the way out that he inspired me with his homily that giving up chocolate or not watching television for Lent would be too easy, instead we must do more such as praying the Rosary and going to Mass daily. I was so glad Fr. Chris did not suggest that I give up hockey games or not cheering for the Red Wings! (Hint – Fr. Chris is a St. Louis Blues fan.)
Saturday, March 19th – The theme for this month’s evening dance (a monthly social activity for adults with mental challenge) was St. Louis Cardinals. Everyone was asked to wear red (but not Red Wings). I got there around 6:00 p.m. to help with the set up and managed the refreshment tables until around 8:15 p.m. This time I decided to take charge of the munchies (chips and pretzels) instead of the sodas. The last two times, I came home with too many broken nails and freezing hands! One of the guests kept asking me if he could tell me all the Cardinals games he went to. I was impressed with one guest who was on the dance floor with moves that would please Fred Astaire!
Sunday, March 20th – It was a comfortable day and we drove around looking for the “Wings in the City” butterfly sculptures. There are 56 sculptures on display throughout St. Louis. Visit for more information about this citywide public art project. Come back and visit TOTA often as I will post photos of all the sculptures in the coming days.

Happy Spring!

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